From the recording Living Game

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as you bow and you prey to the god
you made of him
to the starry-eyed monarch of your land
You believe
his words they seem like magic in the air
all your cares disappear as you hear his echoes
and he cries

People there won’t be no fighting
and there won’t be no killing
after the first world war

as your daddy goes a-running for his gun
all your innocent minds are exploded in the sun
and you cry
for the land and for the people you knew as home
while you roam around in forgotten ruins
you hear him yell

yes we’re going down
young faces hitting the ground
widow buries husband with steed
there’s blisters upon your feet
My friend
your eyes are in a permanating / permeating trance
can you hear my broken plea above his echoes
that ring
ring so awfully loud in your ear
well don’t you know that this will go on for years
can’t you see

We’re going down
after the first comes the second
and after the second comes the third
and no one’s going home
we’re going down

© Copyright Mick Greenwood, ASCAP