1. To The Sea

From the recording Living Game

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Take me back to the sea
take me back to the sea
walking around for a million years
and I’m dying to be free

Take me back to mama
take me back if you can
I want to feel those loving eyes
I wanna stand on solid ground
I can’t take it anymore
take me home

Lonely times I’ve travelled
gone with my mind and me
all I want to do is go back home
to the stone and to the sea

Lord I’m feeling hassled
spikes into my brain
take me back just one more time
and I’ll never be the same again
I can’t take it anymore
take me home

I see you standing
you’re heard but do not hear
you keep me waiting
I’ve been here for a million years

I see you laughing
you’re seen but cannot see
there’s got to be a change in things
‘coz you don’t know
what you’ve done to me
take me home

© Mick Greenwood, ASCAP