Living Game, 1971

Originally on MCA Records and now digitally remastered, this highly-acclaimed album that was Cashbox’s import of the week in 1972 was recorded at CBS London and Sound Techniques Chelsea. It features celebrated musicians; Fotheringay’s Jerry Donahue, Pat Donaldson and Gerry Conway, along with keyboards/arranger Tony Cox, and Fairport’s Dave Pegg. Plus a host of top jazz musicians – Lyne Dobson, Karl Jenkins, Bud Parkes and Dudu Pakwana.

It happens all too rarely that someone’s music touches off something in you, a deeply felt response that you can’t reason out or really define, but which makes it outstanding. It happened for me with the Mick Greenwood album Living Game.”

— Steve Peacock, Sounds Magazine, 1972

The Players

Mick Greenwood – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jerry Donahue - Electric Guitar (Fotheringay, Fairport Convention, The Hellecasters)
Pat Donalson, Bass guitar (Fotheringay, Dantalian's Chariot)
Gerry Conway – Drums & Percussion (Fotheringay, Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens)
Tony Cox – Piano & Harmonium (Arranger: Yes, Family, John & Beverley Martyn)
Dave Pegg - Bass Guitar (Fairport Convention)
Lynn Dobson – Flute, Tenor Sax and Sitar
Karl Jenkins – Baritone Sax
Bud Parkes – Trumpet
Dudu Pakwana – Alto Sax
Andy Smith – Banjo
Ned Balen - Tablas
Christine Qualle – Backing Vocals 


All songs written by Mick Greenwood (ASCAP) © GML Music  

Produced by Tony Cox and Martin Clark 
Recorded at Sound Techniques and CBS London 1971 
Engineered by Vic Gamm and Mike Fitzgerald 
Digital Mastering by Denis Blackham at Countrymasters 
Mastering Consultant - Phill Brown 
Original Photography and Design – Shepard Sherbell  

LIVING GAME is dedicated to the memory of Annie Rowe

To Friends, 1972

Originally on MCA Records and now digitally remastered, this follow up to Living Game was again highly-acclaimed as taking a new direction for Mick. Recorded at Sound Techniques in Chelsea with his touring band ‘The Cockington All-Stars’, named after the farmhouse in Devon where they rehearsed. The band now featured renowned drummer Barry De Souza and bass player Dave Peacock (Chas & Dave).

Living Game was good, but on the new one however, TO FRIENDS, one can use superlatives. Take a listen, and it’ll smack you right between the lungs…”

— Tony Stewart, NME